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  • Five powerful functions - 1.Normal VAC—Automatically vacuum & seal (for dry food)2.Seal—Ordinary sealing (when vacuum is not needed)3.Gentle VAC—Automatically vacuum & seal (for moist food)AUTO — Controlled freely by hand, allows you to control the vacuum effect you want (full vacuum, half vacuum, etc.). Hold to desired state, then release this button and press the seal button to seal.5.OFF/ON — The machine will turn on or off imediately if you press the button.
  • Keep Food Fresh Vacuum Sealer -110W superpower improves the efficiency of vacuuming and sealing. Upgraded sealing technology allows you to keep food 10 x fresher, while locking in the nutrition of foods, making diets healthier and reducing unnecessary food waste.
  • Automatic Vacuum Sealing - We have designed two automatic vacuum sealing modes: NORMAL VAC (for dry food) & GENTLE VAC (for moist food). By selecting the corresponding vacuum mode, you’re directing the machine to handle the food properly. The machine will automatically vacuum the bag, without damaging your food, and when finished, your bag will be sealed automatically.
  • Suitable for Wet/Dry Food - The dry food mode is suitable for sealing dry foods, such as biscuits, nuts, rice, spices, beans and other dry foods. Wet mode is used to seal foods such as meat, seafood, and vegetables. This machine provides the most suitable preservation technology for your food.
  • High-End Design & Easy to Clean - Our food sealer is fully automatic, with an all LED indicator display, electric plug-in, and digital-touch control panel, to provide a high-tech, user-friendly experience. Added benefits include 2 accessory ports to be used for sealing other storage items such as jars and wine bottles, and a marinating canister, compatible with most models. The unit comes with 10 vacuum sealer bags, and is compatible with up to 11'' width vacuum sealer bags.

Vacuum Sealer

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